Sabra Hummus

I love Sun-ni hummus, but they’re based outside of Philadelphia and no one up in NYC (that I know of) sells it.  So my default is Sabra.  Totally good enough. So when I was walking home from my soccer game, I was surprised when I stumbled upon the Sabra packing and shipping facility (maybe they do production there, too….I’m not sure). Had no idea they … Continue reading Sabra Hummus

Someone’s Getting Married

A good friend asked me if I’d make some macaroons for his wedding.  I’m flattered that someone thinks highly enough of these macaroons to want to include them in such a special day. I’ll be doing bags of two, one salted caramel macaroon and one chocolate dipped macaroon in each bag, and nice custom labels (with the help of my friends at Lazar’s Chocolate) and … Continue reading Someone’s Getting Married