Someone’s Getting Married


A good friend asked me if I’d make some macaroons for his wedding.  I’m flattered that someone thinks highly enough of these macaroons to want to include them in such a special day.

I’ll be doing bags of two, one salted caramel macaroon and one chocolate dipped macaroon in each bag, and nice custom labels (with the help of my friends at Lazar’s Chocolate) and ribbon ties.  Should look (and taste) great.

(update) 125 chocolated macaroons…

nice little macaroons

(update: 9/2/10, 10am)

all ready to ship…

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One thought on “Someone’s Getting Married

  1. Of course he wants you to make macaroons for his wedding- they are the best macaroons in the world and you are going to become an international macaroon superstar because of them. Smart guy, this friend of yours!

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